Mass Illusion is a Visual Effects, Design, Production and Post Production studio catering to the motion picture, television, game, fashion, photographic, publisher/author and advertising industries. We are outsourced and collaborate on high profile editorials and worldwide advertising campaigns and projects and are hired by many other VFX / Design and production companies. They really take the credit for what we do, but we wouldn’t have it any other way and we prefer to be the unsung heroes. We have worked on many, many motion picture films and TV shows spanning over 20 years. We have also created thousands of promotional items like movie posters and banners, custom graphics and much more.

Pushing the boundaries of your imagination

Mission Statement

At Mass Illusion, our mission is to provide your organisation with DYNAMIC design strategies, whether it’s Visual effects, a new website, logo, cutting edge book cover design and/or something as complex as a promotional video or putting together some effective social media graphics. We help companies become leaders in their field by providing outstanding motion graphics, graphic design and web design materials in addition to marketing utilities that are subjective and identifiable to each organisation’s brand.

Mass Illusion believes in constructing unique projects that are exceptional in design and are cost effective.

Mass Illusion values the concept of strong presentation, which includes visual branding, integrative marketing and effective communication techniques that will facilitate your corporate image along with your industrial expertise.

We believe in going above and beyond for every project we undertake. Our team’s diversity and wealth of experience, combined with rich ingenuity, ensure our clients receive proficient and reliable services.

We pride ourselves on integrity and the ability to identify as well as implement successful business strategies for all our clients’ needs.

Michael M. Knight

CEO / VFX Artist & Graphic Designer / Trainer


Michael wears many hats and has worked for many companies including Microsoft Corporation, Adobe Inc., Paramount Pictures and many more. He has over 30 years experience in the Design, Media, Information Technology/Forensic and Training sectors and is former Military Police and a Certified Computer Forensic Examiner.

Julie Walsh

COO / Graphic Designer / Head of Support USA

+1 929-446-3154

Julie has worked for Microsoft Corporation, Google and many more top companies. Julie is the Chief Operations Officer at Mass Illusion. In her spare time she loves to read and partake in dangerous activities like bungee jumping, Scuba Diving and Geocaching. Loves cooking, reading anything she can get her hands on and sucks up information like a sponge.

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