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Shaun Hutson is undoubtedly one of the UK’s best authors with now 39 books to his name and just as many under various pseudonyms. When Caffeine Nights Publishing approached us and asked would we be interesting in designing the cover for Shaun’s latest book, we jumped at the chance as we are massive fans. We usually create the movie posters that you see at the cinema or on your DVD/Blu-Ray covers as well as Visual Effects (VFX) for Motion Picture and TV, but we have now moved over into the book publishing world too.

Now, with us being massive Shaun fans, we wanted to do Shaun justice. His covers are pretty well known all over the world and some of them are extremely rare and hard to find. But as fans of Shaun, we (here at Mass Illusion) and many of his hardcore fans are always looking for things to collect, so we decided to not only design the book cover, but to also give a limited number of fans a chance to buy the cover artwork, a first in over 30 years!

In our opinion, Chase is one of Shaun’s best books to date and going back to his story telling roots with a unique narrative with so many twists, turns and shocks, that makes this an instant classic. It’s also been picked up by Hereford Films along with Assassin to be made into a movie. You can order a signed limited edition hardback copy of Chase with an A3 print signed by Shaun and our designer (while stocks last) via the official press release from here, and you can order just a signed limited edition print from us below. Keep up to date from the Official Shaun Hutson Facebook Group and Shaun’s Official Website here:

Cover Design © Copyright 2017 Mike Knight / Mass Illusion. All Rights Reserved.
Chase © Shaun Hutson / Caffeine Nights Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Please do not
steal these images. Ask for permission. All Images are Tracked by Digimarc.

Shaun Hutson ” Chase”

Is there such a thing as a second chance in life? And if there is, what price would anyone pay to take that second chance?

David and Amy Carson will be given that elusive second chance but it will require them to plumb the very depths of their souls and their beliefs.

As they and their eight year old daughter, Daisy are preparing for a dream holiday in America, they have no idea of the maelstrom of evil and madness they are entering. They’ve heard nothing of the series of child abductions and murders that have plagued the area they intend to visit. They know nothing of the crazed Cult that has spread terror throughout the state they are all looking forward to seeing. Nothing can prepare them for the violence, terror and depravity they are to face.

As they travel along the highways of Colorado they are pursued not just by the forces of an unimaginable evil but also by the darkness within themselves. When the final confrontation comes, they will discover things about themselves they never wanted to know and never dared to imagine…

Something evil is following… Something unimaginable is waiting…

Chase © Shaun Hutson / Caffeine Nights Publishing. Design © Mass Illusion 2017.

Publisher: Caffeine Nights
ISBN Number: ISBN 978-1-910720-79-0
Release Date: October 26, 2017
Format: Limited Edition Hardback
Cover Design: Michael Knight / Mass Illusion